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  • Report | Adaptive Spaces

    Spring 2023 U.S. Office Occupier Sentiment Survey

    May 18, 2023

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    A CBRE survey of corporate real estate decision-makers reveals post-pandemic expectations for office-usage patterns and related workplace strategies.

  • Report | Adaptive Spaces

    2023 Asia Pacific Office Occupier Sentiment Survey

    June 29, 2023


    As the Asia Pacific region exits the pandemic and business activity returns to normal, corporate occupiers are placing more emphasis on employee productivity and on increasing office utilisation. With workplace transformation underway, there is strong demand to adapt and “build a better office” to meet the fast-evolving needs of employees and senior management. Additionally, occupiers should be actively identifying new opportunities and strategies to future-proof their portfolios.

  • TWT Module S4E25

    Want a more engaged, productive workforce in the age of hybrid work? The key is rethinking the office with new design approaches, flexible space and an abundance of practical amenities. So say three workplace strategy experts—Industrious CEO Jamie Hodari and CBRE’s Lenny Beaudoin and John Stephens—in a discussion about the future of cities.

  • Report | Adaptive Spaces

    European Office Occupier Sentiment Survey 2023

    June 7, 2023


    CBRE’s 2023 European Office Occupier Sentiment Survey polled over 130 companies on a range of issues.

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